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Development history of the Prussian Pickelhaube between 1842-1918

On 23.10.1842 king Friedrich-Wilhelm IV. ordered the introduction of the "Pickelhaube" in the Prussian army. The leather helmet was then constantly developed further and therefore underwent some changes during its long use in Prussia, which I would like to show on this page. I have tried to prove the changes as far as possible by original AKO's (Allerhöchste KabinettsOrder) or other, contemporary (German language) sources.

Since helmet stocks were refreshed at regular intervals according to the procurement plan, old equipment stocks on enlisted men, or on officers' property helmets, continued to be tolerated for a generous transition period.

Modifications during 1842 and 1856

Modifications during 1857 and 1859

Modifications between 1860 and 1866

Modifications during 1867 and 1870

Modifications during 1871 and 1886

Modifications during 1887 and 1890

Modifications during 1891 and 1894

Modifications during 1895 and 1913

Modifications in 1914

Modifications in 1915


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