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Original recipes of the Pickelhauben-Lacquers (from the 19th century)

I have heard that there are only a few people left who know the recipe for the original Pickelhaube-Lacquers. Therefore, I researched old books for some time and actually rediscovered 3 original recipes that I would like to share:

Recipe 1 (Booktitle: Gemeinnütziges Rezept-Archiv, oder: 800 entschleierte Geheimnisse by Friedrich Stobäus, Page 8 (Year 1845 / Translated by myself)

Dissolve with little heat: 4 loth of good quality shellac and 1 loth of Venetian turpentine (Venezianischer Terpentin) in a half litre of good quality wine spirit (Weingeist). After completely mixing it, add lampblack (Kienruss) until the mixture is deep black.

The paint will be applied like furniture shellac with a bale or it is sprayed.

Source: Recipe 1

Recipe 2 (Booktitle: Technisch-Chemisches Rezept-Taschenbuch III by Dr. Emil Winckler, Page 112 (Year 1862 /Translated by myself)

Dissolve with little heat:

1/2 pound of crushed Shellac and 3 3/4 of strongest Alcohol (Spiritus). Then add 8 loth of Venetian turpentine (Venezianischer Terpentin).

In another pot rub in 3 loth of calcined oil soot (calzinierter Ölruss) with 6 loth of turpentine oil (Terpentinöl).

Then mix both fluids and add wine spirit (Weingeist) if the consistency is not good ot oil soot if it has to be a deeper black.

Source: Recipe 2

Recipe 3 (Booktitle: Chemisch-Technisches Repertoirium Bd. 15 by Dr. Emil Jacobsen, Page 214 (Year 1876 /Translated by myself)

30 parts Shellac, 2 parts Mastic (Mastix), 1 part Sandarak, 1 parts Venetian turpentine (Venezianischer Terpentin), 1 part castor oil (Rizinusöl) and 145 parts wine spirit with 95% alcohol (Weingeist). Dye it with Aniline black (Anilinschwarz or Nigrosin)

Source: Recipe 3

The lacquers have been sprayed mostly, but soft brushes or a bale (like used for furniture Shellac) has been used too. As a primer I found out that glue water or ocher colored Linseed oil varnishes has been used. After application the primers and lacquers has been smoothed with pumice. Each coat had to dry well before next coating.

Pickelhauben in a paint drying oven (Source: - photos of joerookery - Joe Robinson-Gallery)

Look into a Pickelhaube Workshop (Source: - photos of joerookery - Joe Robinson-Gallery)


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